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EFK Fire Dragon Barrel for Sig P6

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Has anyone had experience with these barrels? I dropped one in my P6 and at 10 yards only 2 out of 8 rounds hit a 4X5 target area. I returned original barrel in and had fantastic groups.
Anyone got any suggestions on how to tighten the groups with the new barrel. I really don't want to run 1000s of rounds through the original barrel when I target practice. I want to preserve that one for my EDC use.
The EFK barrel is range use only.
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The first question would be, is how consistent the Barrels lock-up, into the Slide? Accuracy besides the condition of the bore itself, is the Barrel locking up in the same position within the Slide on each cycle.

How hard, or easy was it to fit the Barrel to the Pistol? Did you fit it yourself, or have it done?

Photos of the rear of the Barrel where it locks up in the Ejection Port, just 1/4" prior to the Slide locking up, and at lock-up may help.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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