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Determining accuracy, say, it's not the gun, it's me

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I see many post about how accurate a new gun is. Very seldom has the shooter determined this in any way. Most of the time the post says...First trip with my new XYZ gun and it shoots low and left/low/high/right/all over the place/etc.

This tells everyone this shooter cannot shoot their new gun accurately. Sometimes they say how they shoot all their other guns in nice tight groups. Which tells everyone this shooter cannot shoot their new gun accurately. Sometimes they tell us they pulled out their other gun and it shot perfectly which tells everyone this shooter cannot shoot their new gun accurately.

Very, very seldom does the post say, I put the gun in a pistol rest, or bench rested it, and it wasn't accurate. This tells us a few things one, a lot of shooters have no idea how valuable resting a gun can be in determining their ability or lack thereof. It makes me wonder (and I believe it to be the case) that when a shooter does rest the pistol they find out the gun is very accurate and they don't make such a post which explains why we never see the same post with the words "when I rested the gun"

A cheap ($25) pistol rest will do the job

And even a range bag on the bench in front of you at the range can suffice.

If you like shooting, plan on getting a new gun, or sight, every now and again it's worth the few dollars. Any new gun or new sight on a gun, I bring the rest with me to the range and check for accuracy, which always confirms, the gun is accurate and me...well...not so much.

The most important part in all of this IMHO, is that it forces me to find the problem in my technique and work to be better, and not blame the gun. In the end I shoot better, and improvement si a good goal with any activity like this.
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Yeah, I'm always amused when I see someone post "the gun is accurate". Well...yeah! All guns are more accurate than the shooters. You see this a lot when someone has bought the newest gun in a manufacturer's line up (like the P320) b/c they want to "justify" their purchase, or "defend" the gun, as if it needs defending. OF COURSE the gun is accurate! Does anyone really believe any reputable gun manufacturer is going to produce a gun that isn't? :lol:

I love it when a someone says "I just can't shoot the gun well". I have never picked up a gun that I can't shoot well. Granted, it may take a little time with the gun before I can shoot it as well as the gun I carry or shoot most, but I can still shoot the gun well. Again, these statements are not a legitimate complaint on the gun. It's not the gun. It's the shooter.

I've found that most of those who make these kids of statements are either novice shooters who just don't know very much about how to shoot, or they have a predetermined opinion of the gun and are looking to prove their opinion of said gun right...I see this most commonly with the Glock line of guns. "I can't shoot a Glock worth a ****"..."it's the grip angle"..."it's X or Y or Z". Never do these folks say "I just don't know what the heck I'm doing".

The truth is there isn't a gun out there anyone can't pick up and shoot well, IF they are educated and trained on proper shooting techniques, but I agree...any time someone makes one of these statement, what they're unwittingly saying is "I have no clue what I'm doing". :lol::lol::lol:

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if the individual states that he/she shoot other pistols well from the same position, shouldn't the same results be the same from the new firearm.

sorry but it could be the grip, grip angle, trigger/stryker-da-sa, going from a 9/380 to a 40/45........anticipating recoil, trigger finger position.

bottom line, just have to get used to the new firearm.

these charts can help:


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