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CZ P-01 Omega now in the stable

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I've been on quite the CZ kick lately

I guess I wasn't satisfied with buying the CZ 75 single action the other day. The Omega had been sitting there for a few days and that temptation was enough

Went home rummaged through the safe and found a P320 Compact that I hadn't been using. My LGS gave me a good deal on the trade and even knocked 25 bucks off the price of the Omega.

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Nice Tango, I have gotten bit by the CZ bug in the last year or so myself, fully understood. I actually think their price is what makes so many not realize how great they are. I know they are much better than I could have ever expected at their low price point. As I am sure you know, Cajun Gun Works can work their magic if you are into tinkering with things like many are. Personally, I usually am satisfied with factory or move to another Great find, enjoy!

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By the way, isn't it time for a "CZ Family" photo????

I might need a wide angle lens lol

I'll see if I can get something up this evening I do have to rearrange the safe to accommodate [emoji3]

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You suck, Congratulations on your new P01 Omega.
I have had one on order with my LGS for over 6 months!

I have seen them becoming more available recently, and have been tempted to just pick one up... but since I have already paid for the one on order, I am just trying to be patient, but it is wearing!
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