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Hey all - short and sweet. Got this today, had it on the gun for about 5 trigger pulls and it's already on it's way back to Amazon. Here's why;

* I don't like shooting at the range with my light and I don't run a light when I cc. So I need a light that will stand up to frequent removal/installs. Initially, I thought the front screw above the light's lens was the screw for that and so I was excited that hey, that looks like that would take a lot of abuse. Not so much, dumb me, it's the battery compartment. The screws to assemble and disassemble are smaller then a tic's ...... get the picture?

* Overall seems even less sturdy than the TLR6

* where I place my finger on my trigger (keep in mind, I'm running an XL frame) every pull of the trigger rubbed up against the part of the light that clasps onto the trigger guard - annoying! And that was even with only letting out the trigger to the break

* The placement of the on off switch and the "Tension/pressure" of the button made it real awkward for my finger. Seemed like it took to much conscious effort to balance between turning it on and bringing the front sight back to "0" - at least compared to the TLR6 and Olight

There you go - hope this helps some with their decision process



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