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Corbon DPX 9mm +P - Old vs. New load

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Apparently Corbon has replaced its original 9mm +P DPX (using the Barnes TAC-XP 115gr. solid copper HP) with a new load with a bullet of its own proprietary design. This new HP has a blunt nose and smaller HP cavity compared to the Barnes bullet and looks like it's pre-cut /fragmented all the way through the bullet. The case is silver (zinc coated?) unlike the normal brass of the original load.

I always liked the "OLD" (most recently marked "new and improved" on the box) DPX with the Barnes SCHP because of it's purported superior penetration, expansion and weight retention (does not fragment) in various simulant media. Also, it groups nicely in all of my **** pistols and has fairly soft recoil in my hand, even though it's rated at 1250 fps / 399 ft.lbs. at the muzzle.

I tried some of the NEW (ironically marked "Proven") the other day in my pocket SIG P938. Can't say I liked it as much as the old Barnes DPX. Recoil was palpably sharper than the previous load and could not get it to group as well. Also had a couple of failures to fire from hard primers and/or light firing pin strikes, which I'd never had such problems with the original load.

Saw a ballistics gel test of the new proprietary DPX. With it's "pre-fragmenting" cuts in the bullet, it apparently expands better than the Barnes bullet, but does not penetrate as far through various media as the Barnes TAC-XP is known for:

Just wondering what others experience is with this new load?

This is the Old load with the Barnes bullet, pretty good, even out of a 3" barrel:

IMO, as good as the Barnes bullet is, why fix what ain't broke?

Actually, it pisses me off because I have to find a new load for self defense. The Barnes Ammo with this bullet (TAC-XPD) is only 1125 fps MV and the Black Hills with this bullet is !!75 fps. The old DPX with the Barnes bullet was 1250fps.:mad:

The Barnes load with the lower MV is not as good: