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My dad has had his CC permit for about ten years. Two of those years he carried a 637 j frame but he gave that to my stepmom and that left him with an NAA .22 Mag because money was tight for years and although he had guns, not a good carry piece. Recently I found a Shield 9 on sale and a rebate, he bought it and I've never seen him so proud or excited. He is a contractor and often works in bad neighborhoods and after dark, carries large amounts of cash, and works security at the church, so a good holster is important.

I'm on my sixth Cooks Holster IWB with adjustable clip and they are my favorite go to holster. Next to the features their quality and attention to detail are what brings me back every time, sure there are some cheaper holsters, but if you ever have one in your hand or belt you'll understand why I like them, no love them. This also obviously influenced my getting one for my dad...for Father's Day.

They use .80 kydex but have other thicknesses available and come in any color you want, I also have a kryptek typhoon that looks great. One feature that makes these appealing to me is the clip, it's fully adjustable from 0* for AIWB all the way to 20* for heavy cant 3 o'clock to 6 o'clock draw. I carry mine at about 3:30 and so does my dad. I set his up at about 15*.

Mine are all IWB but dad is 67 years old and I worried about IWB hurting his hips since that's a common complaint, so I chose to get him an OWB model instead. The clip is for a 1 1/2" belt and clips on securely and won't work out or come off when it's tugged on hard or during the draw. I like IWB because it's so low profile, but kydex is so thin that it's usually about the size of the gun, the clip rides behind the belt. Because of that this holster rides really low profile, so even a fairly tight untucked shirt or church jacket will easily cover it.
I love how kydex *snaps* when your gun is seated. Of course the retention is adjustable, and if it's adjusted correctly you can hold the holster upside down and shake it and it will not come out.

Some of you may wonder why I took all of the liberties here when choosing this holster in particular. There are a lot of factors including my experience with this company, my experience with firearms in general, and the fact that beyond shooting my dad isn't into all of the new tech or what works the best by trial and error like many of us do. I did what I thought was best and when I gave it to him an helped set up holster, the smile on his face was enough to tell me I did well. Only the best for dad anyway.

I got a hug out of it and it felt good to know that now dad has a proven and capable handgun that fits him and a good solid holster to carry it in. Happy Father's Day dad.


PS. I meant to take a picture from the back so you could see how slimline it is but I forgot. You can see it on Cooks website here--
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