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CONFUSION The adjustable trigger battle

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A few days ago there was a thread on this forum about GGI releasing an adjustable flat trigger for the P series during the NRA Convention. Very appealing product. I e-mailed GGI and they responded that it will be available thru their web store in about 7 to 10 days.

Talking to the RO at my range while he was inspecting the Armory Craft adjustable flat trigger in my P229 SAS and M11A1 he mentioned that AC was coming out with a curved version of their flat model. I e-mailed AC and this was their replay :

"Armory Craft replied to your message:
hello Jerry, thank you very much for your note. Yes it is true, we are already working on another version that's going to have a slight curve in it..... it's going to have same benefits of the flat trigger which will eliminate over travel in double action and single action as well as pre travel in DA. we should have a working prototype in about 3 weeks and hopefully it will be available to public in about three months after some testing."

I have a P229R with a Viridian X5L light/green laser combo and a threaded barrel for HD. I think I will order a trigger from each GGI and AC to compare. So far I love the flat AC trigger on my two guns but I like the idea of variety of parts in the gun market.
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FLASIG, different strokes for different folks...

We are all built a little different, and to your point, it is nice that there is a variety of options available.

Just like the days of the 1911, basically 3 trigger lengths, and 2 different styles of mainspring housing, plus thicknesses of custom grips, allowed for reasonable fitting of the pistol to the individual.

These triggers, and the variety of grips available, will allow the same for the Sig platform.
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