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Clinger Atom vs Trump Holster Questions

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Hello all

I was going to pickup another Clinger Atom holster for my P320C and SC. I currently have them the Atom for my SP2022 and P238. I found that Clinger has replaced the Atom with the Trump.

Trump Tuck
Full Sweat Shield
Soft Loop & Strut
Adjustable Ride Height
Adjustable Cant
Adjustable Belt Width

Mid Sweat Shield
Nylon Belt Clip
I can still get the Atom on eBay but not from the Clinger site. My guess is they are just selling off old stock. The Atom is $35 and the Trump is $50. My Atoms do have two height setting for ride height, but I don't see how the other adjustable features will really work on a single attachment holster. At a $15 difference its the difference between getting two vs one.

Does any have experience with the new Trump holster from Clinger?

On a side note .... Does anyone know what their new V2 line will looks like?
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I liked the Ivanka Tump OWB...
I thought I read on Twitter that some department store snubbed her and wasn't carrying her holsters... :huh:
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