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I thought it might be beneficial to the forum to have some additional classic series pistol reference material available for use here on the forum. Occasionally questions are asked that are answered with verbiage and sometimes static pictures. These animations bring the pistol operation to life (and I think they are just interesting to watch too).

To get the animation to play (if it's not already started), all you have to do is click on any area of the image, give it a second or two to load up, and then enjoy the show :D

Disclaimer: I do not take credit for the content or original animation shown. This original information (and a whole lot more) is a part of the Interactive Armorer's Course. All I have done is convert the original embedded flash animation to a format that will play on the forum for the use of the forum members and guests. If you purchase this product you can also click on just one step to see exactly how that one step works, rotate the animation, and zoom in/out on all of the animations - which is very helpful to better understand the operation and troubleshooting of the classic line of pistols. The course is available directly from Sig Sauer for $20. (ETA 11/9/14 - apparently no longer offered)

There is a separate post below for each item covered.
1 - 20 of 106 Posts
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