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Cerakote or not?

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Thinking about Cerakoting a few things and so I've been doing some research and found this on site 15 month time lapse test plus a good burn in torture

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As I understand it, the USMC returned their Colt M45A1 pistols due to the Cerokote finish rubbing off. I have one of the surplussed guns and a lot of the finish wore off.

I'd like to hear from Cerokote for their comment on what happened.

Colt then went to something called "Iobond" which seems to fare much better. i have one of the commercial models, too, finished in Iobond. I haven't shot it a lot, and carried it less, but see no wear.
I also have a Sig P220-10 SAO Camo Hiunter finished in Cerokote. It's been afield four times to tame piggies, and few times as my CCW. That's not much use but the front of the slide and frame show wear-through. and the lip of the ejection port is chipped. There is some other holster wear, too. The only thing about that that concerns me is how I can refinish it if that fancy camo wears too much for me to bear. In the early '80s I used black Rustoleum to refinish a Sig while in the field. Worked great, gave it back to the armorer when I got back, never heard what ha ppened to it.
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It definitely wears off even when applied accordingly.But hey it’s just time for a color change.
I agree with quid. Prep and not taking shortcuts in the process are vital for longevity.
Prep takes 98% of the time if you're doing it correctly. Application is 2%.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts