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Caution: Watch The Grip Screw Length

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A while ago I replaced the original G-10 grip panels on my Extreme P938 with a set of the SIG logo G-10's:
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Thinking (incorrectly) that SIG G-10 grips would be the same, I reused the original grip screws to mount the new grip panels. That was a mistake. Actually, the mistake was in not confirming that assumption. After my last range trip I noticed that one of the screws was missing and more importantly, the first tread in the frame hole had been stripped off.

Comparing the original Extreme grip panels to the new SIG logo panels it was clear that the new panels are thicker at the screw hole than the original panel such that the screws weren't fully engaging the treads in the frame:

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Got on the phone with SIG and ordered up a set of the longer grip screw used on P238/938 wooden grip panels:
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We now have FULL thread engagement with the SIG logo panels installed and have reduced the threat of stripping the frame screw holes.
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Hope this helps.
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I had the same problem with my Seecamp 32. The grip screw broke off leaving a few threads in on one panel
Good info! Engineering strikes again...
Great PSA - thank you for sharing the heads-up!
Thanks. I've found the "new" grip screws that come with a set of grips are rarely correct and
too short. You end up trying to force the screw to grab a thread. Great way to strip your threads!!
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I had the opposite happen. I purchased a P229 in .40 for a good price because the owner couldn’t find mags that fit - was using P226 mags while looking for the “correct” mags. He told me the “old style” P229 mags were a tough find. I believed him. A few weeks after purchase, I noticed the grip screws were long and sticking into the mag well. When I put the correct length screws in, P229 mags worked!
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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