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The final blade in the Light Brigade concept from Busse Combat, The Team Gemini Ultra Light Brigade.
My example came in at 14.8oz and, feels absolutely marvelous in the hand. That being said, one of the major differences between the Ultra vs Light Brigade is that the tang ( handle ) sits just a little proud of the Canvas Micarta Scales as where the TGLB is flush with the scales.
As far as actual weight difference between the two, I think there is on average a difference of an ounce, give or take. Of course you will always have exceptions like my TGLB, that weighs 15.0 ounces. Thats only a difference of .02 ounces. That being said, I believe I have one of the slimmest TGLB's ever made.
What's interesting though, is that although there is only .02 ounces between the two, the TGULB is noticeably lighter in the hand!
As for which I like best, only time will really tell. I like the lightness of the ULB in hand and, I like the flush tang of the LB.
Also, the original TGLB just feels a little more refined as well.
I dunno, we shall see. Also, if yall wanna a shot at this Legendary blade, Busse Combat actually has them up for sale as a regular offering on their website. And, I ordered mine on August 28, and mine was ready to ship September 1st!!
That's absolutely by far the quickest I know of anyone ordering a knife Busse Combat and getting one that fast.
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