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Browning BDA 45

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I'm a newbie to SIGs. I have a Sauer shotgun if that counts. I am a total novice to Sig handguns. I just joined the group a few minutes ago looking for information.

I have a Browning BDA in 45 ACP. It is slightly different from the P220. I have a couple 7 round mags for it, and would like to obtain a few 8 round mags. Will the P220 mags work? Work with modification? Or are aftermarket mags available?
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You just need the old P220 mag with flush metal base, and you are gtg. Do not get any mags that have the rubber or polymer base, because they add thickness to the length, hence not allowing the heel mag catch/release to engage. The 8-rounder is such an example.

I should add that, the old mag with the flush metal base that you want can either be for the side mag release style gun or the heel release one (like on the BDA .45).
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I really have nothing to add, but say welcome to Sig Talk!

As 12131 mentioned, due to your pistol having the "Heel" Magazine Catch, you are limited to 7 round Magazines, since the Catch retains the Magazine by it's bottom. Any additional thickness to the floorplate, will prevent the Catch from doing it's job.
If you keep an eye out some of the older mec-gar mags can be found at a decent price.
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Sig did offer an 8 round follower years ago for the original 7 round magazine.

Sig received a contract in the late 80's (If I recall correctly) from the Texas DPS (I think) and a requirement was to have 8 round magazines.
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