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Blackhawk-serpa paddle/owb..problems?

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Hey I have heard of some people having issues with this holster and it’s retention button release.
I guess one guy drew his firearm after he released the retention button and his trigger finger dropped down into the trigger guard and the firearm discharged shooting him either in the leg or foot. Sounds to me like a bad training process or he just had a brain fart. I have this very holster that I purchased a long time ago and when I practice with it,my finger lays right along side the frame near the slide as it should. Anyone else have some stories or episodes where this holster has shown to be dangerous?
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Watch Jerry's finger. It looks pretty similar:

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Serpa bad. Not wear Serpa.

But seriously. There is a staggering amount of readily-available information on this product in terms of lack of durability, issues with NDs due to the release design, and failure of the belt attachment since at least 2011.

I think the infamous Guns and Ammo video from 2016 is a good summary of why this is a bad design to use. Patrick Sweeny putting his finger in the trigger guard on the draw, "proving" the Serpa is a safe design. Almost a Tex Grebner redux.

I'll save you some time.

View attachment 527502

I love Gregg, Didn't realize he had written that article. I need to go do another training class with him.
Practice, practice, practice. wore one for several years for duty and off-duty even on deployments. Not a fan of paddles in general, or even serpas as opposed to any other. but have never had any issue with a ND or the draw. Of course, there are NDs just like there are with a lot of holsters. Is Serpa the best out there, no, but i am a firm believer that NDs eventually go back to a training issue
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I used Serpas for years with no issue. I built the right muscle memory during draw and re-holster. I had heard about people having NDs and put it down to poor technique. I always felt safe and confident with the Serpas.
I saw a couple videos where **** got into the Serpa's paddle and jammed it. The pistols could not be drawn. The paddles are on the outside and could easily come in contact with mud, dirt, snow etc. That made me switch to Safariland.
I recently bought a serpa cqc sportster for my p229. No issues with the draw. On the draw, my finger always falls on the frame. Maybe the size of the pistol has something to do with it?
I can see the possibility of something lodging in the mechanism and jamming the paddle, but don't expect to be rolling around in the dirt or exposing my weapon to conditions like that.
Own several SERPA holsters for many years, never had any problems. On the models I have, my finger always ends up resting on the frame when the gun is taken out of the holster. Maybe on some gun models the finger ends up on the trigger, but not on any of mine. Works perfectly on my P229, Shield 9, FN Five-seveN, 1911, G19 and G26. But as usual, YMMV.
I have been issued this holster for a Sig 220 DAK, about 8 years ago from my last department I retired from.
I used this holster with my Beretta 96, SW 6906, Sig 229 going on 14 years. I will NOT use this holster with my Colt Officer 1911.

The Colt is used with a Galco leather Thumb break holster.
Never a problem (not yet, Lord been good to me) using these holsters, going on 14 years, Might be a training issue.
Other products that I think do the same but better, are out now. I like the Blackhawk line better anyway. I saw a picture a few month's ago about a PD helo crew, and they all had the Serpa holsters on their vests. I tried to find the picture, but no joy.
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