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It would be easier to answer your question, if we knew: IWB v OWB, leather, hybrid or kydex.

Cough up some additional info and you'll get multiple responses.

I have a Black Point Tactical Mini Wing (that I got from a fellow member here), IWB, kydex - that he got from the Sig Store. Pictures and descriptions can be found there.

It is the only kydex holster I have (but I have over 40 leather ones, for guns other that the M11a1) and it is very, very nice. Fits the gun perfectly, does not wear on the finish and rides on the hip like it was meant to be there.

Take the suggestions of the members here, buy once & cry once. I use a 20% of the price I paid for the gun as a barometer (more or less) to how much I'll spend on the holster.

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Greetings and welcome to SigTalk from Alaska.

For IWB, I use a Stealth Gear and for OWB, I have the low-price Military issue style from Ebay.
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