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Hey everyone,

I recently got a p250sc and I'm having a hard time deciding which holster to purchase(start with).

I'm not about having a box of holsters or buying holsters and seeing which one works best every few months. Don't have the time, money or interest in doing that.

After looking at websites and watching youtube reviews, I seem to keep having the same problem: I will decide on a holster to order and then learn something about it that makes me want to look further.

For example, the 4 holsters listed below were what I was seriously considering at one point or another, the Stealthgear has my biting my knuckle because of the price:

N82 tactical,
+Rave reviews about comfort
+Great price
-No ride adjustment
-No professional model for 250sc
-No combat grip
-Questionable methods to re-holster

Stealthgear Onyx
+Hi vent chassis
+Thick kydex
+Highly adjustable
-$100 price
-Mixed opinions on material durability

Aliengear Cloak 2.0
+Comparable quality to a number of more expensive brands
+Highly adjustable
+Neoprene, abs chassis contours very nicely
-Neoprene against skin makes you sweat

Foxx Little Foxx
+General shape of N82, but with combat grip
+Adjustable cant
-Retention and ride isn't adjustable
-similar N82 comfort padding isn't standard, costs extra for this

I have looked at Crossbreed, White Hat, Comp Tac, Old faithful and I don't know how many well known and lesser known brands.

If your still reading, I'd like you to share, your experience with different holsters for your 250sc or what you IWB holster you currently carry your 250sc in.

If you want to make any suggestions, I'm open to further research, I'm looking for an IWB that:

*has adjustable ride, cant
*some sort or retention, whether kydex or contourded leather
*no thumb break
*Price maxing out in the $65-$70 range

Thanks in advance for your responses.

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I carried mine in a High Noon Split Decision. It is one of their light duty holsters. I had a Closing Argument for my Shield. It is a heavy-duty holster and allows for one handed reholstering.

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Thanks for the reply and sharing your thoughts on high noon holsters.

I decided to put in an order for the Stealthgear onyx.

I re-read and re-watched a few reviews, but the youtube review by "Dee Ober" sold me on the stealthgear.

The idea of the leather holsters is great. I trust leather with my hide thats why I own a summer leather jacket and cold weather leather jacket for motorcycle riding.

However, I prefer textile because of how well it breaths and know that technology has created textile jackets with the same strength as leather.

Leather has it's place but I think a breathable textile rig will have its place on my hip.

I'll post a review after I wear it for a few weeks.
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