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Best Ammo For Sig Sauer 516

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What is the better ammo to use with a sig sauer 516? The 5.56 55gr or the 5.56 62gr?
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I have only used 55 grain & no problems whatsoever.

To save you a phone call, I called SIG and they said either 55 or 62 was fine.

Also said for the 516 that 5.56 and 223 were both acceptable ammo. Your owners manual says the Same.

As far as brand I shoot Federal, PMC, & Remington (though not as much Remington as the others).
Thanks for the info. I have no problem shooting both through my rifle but
I was browsing other forums and saw a post that stated the 516 performed the best with the 62gr 5.56, i couldn't find anything else on it so i brought it up on this forum.
With sighting my 516 in with a 5.56 62gr would i still have around the same grouping when shooting the 5.56 55gr?
I've shot all types, brass, steel, .223 and 556...the Sig 516 ate them all ;)
The 516 has 1:7 rate so it likes heavier bullets,the 62gr does put a tighter group down range past the 100 yrd mark, YMMV.
I've tried all sorts of ammo, best I can get is 3 consecutive shots, then a failure to feed on reg gas setting. It's a gen 2, now it will fire all day long on adverse but even then I get no bolt lock to the rear on either setting with any ammo I've tried. All new mags too. Is there a specific way to clean the gas block? This issue I'd definitely gas related. I'll also add than the serial #is indicate it l3ft the factory may 2013 as a 10" pistol. I bought it in immaculate condition used from gun broker. Came with a factory sig 16" up and H buffer. I'm wondering if the buffer spring is for the pistol length and not carbine? If there is even a difference. I always go about and beyond to clean it about every 2-300rds. Every session when I'm done I clean the piston. No internal modifications have been done to this rifle what so ever. I'm at a loss for words, this is my 2nd 516 and the 1st ran like an absolute dream.
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