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Beretta 92fs-22 and M9-22 are they a good investment for target shooting ?

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I really like my Beretta 92fs 9mm and would like to buy a 92fs in .22 caliber for target shooting. I came across a comment on the Beretta USA webpage that someone broke their firing pin and stated that the firing pin is no longer available. Is the firing pin breaking a concern or an isolated incident with the 92fs-22 or M9-22 ?

Any comments or concerns from current owners would be appreciated. I really like the looks and feel and accuracy of my center fire version and would like to get a .22 version. Thanks.
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I have an M9-22 and it's been solid, no issues. I use it with a supressor and it cycles perfectly.
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I don't own one but see that they get great reviews, still not being able to get a critical part sucks but I would think there must be some available for warranty work, Umarex is the actual manufacturer. Not sure how long the warranty is on that model though, probably one year.

I do think though that if you are careful not to dry fire chances are pretty slim that you will break the firing pin. Beng that it is hammer fired you can decock when needed.
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I have owned a M9A1-22 for about 4-5 years and probably put 10,000 rounds through it without problems. I get the occasional stovepipe or failure to feed but it is rare and it outperforms my Sig P322 by a mile. The Sig jams constantly and has light primer strikes several times per mag.
If your open to other option the Taurus TX22 is another great option. Eats up every type of ammo I feed it and doesn't jam. Plus it cheap I paid a little over $300 after tax.
I had a M9A1-22 that was a complete POS. Decocker broke first on right side, then the left. Then mag release button ******* out. Finally, a buddy who’s an amateur gunsmith bought it. Broke on him a fourth time. Umarx non-quality at Beretta prices.

When it worked it was fun, it just never worked very long.
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