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ATI/GSG 1911 22LR is in the house...

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Been looking for a 22 for a while. Checked out the 322 but didn't like it for number of reasons. Spoke with a couple of shooting buddies who own GSG's 1911 22's so I stopped in at my favorite LGS and picked one up. Checked out the Ruger MKIV and didn't feel right in my hand. Likewise for a couple of Colts and Walthers...didn't feel right. The GSG felt right in my hand. I liked the sights better on the GSG...white dots on both front and rear versus all black.

First look, while disassembling/cleaning/lubing, is nicely made...some plastic (grip safety/beavertail) but otherwise seems to be well made. Disassembly is almost like a "real" 1911...easy/peasy.

Magazine is aluminum and nice and heavy. Trigger is very comfortable and adjustable. Sites are plastic but hey, can't have everything.

Slide is not cut for RDS but a very large adapter can be had if desired...but it looks real clubby. Something to look into.

All in all I like it...will be shooting Thu/Fri for a range day...

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I picked one up at my LGS at the beginning of the year…a fun little shooter and very true to the 1911 format.

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I picked up a Colt version to shoot with the grandkids. I believe it is made by Walther. They have yet to wear it out, although they are trying. It has been a very good performer through enough rounds to keep my thumb pretty sore often.
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