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Assembled a rifle around a gas tube

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I had a gas tube sitting unused and decided to assemble a new rifle around it. I used parts that I've always wanted to try:

- BADLW556 billet upper
- DD 16" CHF ML Govt profile barrel
- MicroMOA Govnah gas block (0.063/0.055/0.073 ports)
- generic gas tube (!)
- SilencerCo ASR flash hider
- ALG 13" EMR V2 w/ barrel nut and Ti screws
- Strike Industries polymer dust cover
- Geissele charging handle
- Aimplus NiB BCG
- Magpul MBUS Pro set
- Vortex Viper PST 1-4 on Bobro cantilever mount
- BCM QD sling mount

- BADLW556 billet lower
- Geissele S3G 3.5lb trigger w/ Ti trigger/hammer pins
- Norgon ambi mag release
- Strike Industries bolt catch w/ Ti detent
- BAD Ti pivot and takedown pins
- V7 Ti safety selector
- Magpul MOE-K grip w/ Ti screw
- Noveske QD endplate
- Generic Ti castle nut
- Ti buffer detent
- Geissele spring and buffer
- Spike tube
- MFT Minimalist stock

Unloaded weight (no mag or ammo) without scope/mount is 6lbs 4.5oz. Dumbest idea ever eh? :lol:
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I guess an extra gas tube is as good a reason as any!!!
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