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Armory craft trigger is awsome!

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Installed the armory craft trigger on my 229 today and it is great! Took a few trial and errors to get the pre travel delrin block to the right level, but once there it is golden. Resets every time and the ergonomics are great. I was a little worried about the flat face but it is defiantly a better trigger purchase for me. Polished the internals and have a wolf 18# mainspring this is defiantly my best shooting pistol. Doesn't look to bad either.


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Installing it wasn't bad. Just be prepared to file down the pre travel delrin block. I used a flat file out of my chainsaw sharpening kit. Taped of the sides of the frame and slowly took it down until it rest in double action. The delrin on the overt ravel screw is a nice touch as well because it makes a soft contact to the frame as apposed to the stock trigger which rubbed the cerakote away.
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