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ar15 camo paint tutorial/show off

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So I finally decided to camo one of my ar15,rifles.
Here is a small write up on it.

You will need the following items.
-A natural sea sponge from Lowes/home depot
-Non-chlorinated brake cleaner
-Any self etching primer.
-Either krylon or rustoleum brand camo paint in the following colors:
-OD Green

-A flat clear coat is good but not a requirement.
I used one to help the durability of the paint job.

First things first, you will want to take out your bolt carrier group and stuff the upper and lower receiver with paper towels. Use an ear plug to cover the muzzle hole.

Once that's done tape off any serial numbers, scope lenses and markings you want to stay in original condition.

Use your brake cleaner and thoroughly degrease the whole exterior of the gun. Don't miss anywhere or the paint won't stick.

After that you will want to let it dry and spray it with your self etching primer.
Sorry no pictures this far but here they come.

Once its primed you can start applying your colors.
I started with tan.

I then sprayed OD green stripes on top of the tan.

Once you have your stripes you will take your tan paint and spray it into a container such as a paper plate or tuperware bowl, I chose paper plate for disposability.

Then take a chunk of your sponge and spong tan blotches onto your green stripes.

Then take your green and sponge the green onto your remaining tan.

Now take some brown and sponge it over the whole rifle. Its personal preference on how much brown you want, I personally wanted just a little brown on the rifle.

Then do the same with your black, now black is not natural in nature, so you want to use this sparingly.
A tiny bit goes a long ways.

Now you can go ahead and spray your clear.

Here's the final product.

Feel free to chime in on your thoughts and ideas.

Would also appreciate others paint jobs and refinishing pictures.

Let's see what y'all have done.

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Very nice job, looks great!

I just bought one of these stencils (they were half price on sale) to try when the weather gets warmer and I can work in the garage again. They have some videos on how to use them and the steps are very similar to what you did. Looking forward to trying this out in the spring, hope my results are as good as yours!

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Thanks everyone, stencils for digital camo will be sweet!
I thought about going that rout but got impatient. And multicam looked difficult to make look good.

Its chilly here, about 50 degrees outside. I live in an apartment and was able to work around the cold weather.

I put my paint can in hot water in the sink for about 15 minutes before I sprayed. Also put the gun and a space heater in my tiny bathroom for about an hour to heat it up and make a little sauna. With the vent on I could take the gun outside spray it. Let it dry there for about 5 minutes then move it inside to hot bathroom. With the vent on, it took all the fumes and there was no paint smell in the rest of the apartment. I let the tan dry about 30 minutes, then let my stripes dry about 30 minutes. And then put it on my coffee table and sprayed onto the plate outside then came inside to sponge. Maybe a tiny bit of paint smell but not much. My wife was not bothered one bit so couldn't have been bad. The hot bathroom and constant air corode a big difference in dry time and I believe the hot paint and the gun being hot when I sprayed helped the finish and dry time. I clear coated the next morning because it was so late. But start to finish past night was about 2.5 hours. And then another 30 minutes in the bathroom drying this morning after clear coat.

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I love the ease of use of spaces from these links above, example painting on porch of apartment, hang from garage rails, the best one is hanging from shower rod in the bath tub!! My wife would take that AR and shoot me with it!! Then wash the mess down the drain...Lol...
I guess lots of folks dont have luxury of going outside and setting up space in yard? Anyway, seriuosly goes to show folks the creative spirit and love of guns of the posters here...LOVE IT! Of course rattle cans make it much easier than sprayers.

OMG!! I am not brave enough to hide my black and wood guns! First of all I'll lose them in all my camo...and second when I take picks of it shooting no one will see

Good stuff here!!
Seriously, Now yall made me gotta go get me a cheaper rifle and then ITs ON! Painting Galore!!

Good job! Faux painting with sponge looks great too! Seems much quicker and easy!

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Excellent project with adversity and you overcame that very good with the tools ya had! Very cool in my book!

Oh and the wifes a keeper to let ya do all that!!

Thanks for info again!!

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Thanks, I can normally make due with what I have.

And yes she definitely is I keeper! Very accepting of my hobbies.

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You Must not have any Nosey Neighbors.

Back when I lived in an Apartment They all were.

My Neighbors where I live now hardly ever even acknowlege
Me much less speak. I've been here 24 + years and One that
lives across the street to My Right side Neighbor has never spoke
back to Me.
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