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Appendix holster

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I just end switched my EDC from a Springfiekd XDs to the Sig 1911 Ultra Compact. What I need, is a very comfortable, well made appendix style holster for it. I need suggestions from people currently carrying this weapon in an appendix holster.


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Not the same EDC as yours...

But I really like this Hybrid Appendix Holster made by "MDJ Custom Holsters" that I got for the P239 I found in a pawn shop for a low price recently...

This is my 3rd such holster from them, and all were bought off of ebay. They also offer ones without the adjustable tension for a few $$ left.

These are shipped FAST and the prices are really reasonable!

One other thing I really like is the small "footprint" they use, as compared to the larger 8-10" wide piece of leather that the "X-breed" type holsters use -- and this has one clip, not marked with any logos, which I feel is more discrete...

* Great quality and fit
* Excellent retention of the EDC
* Fast shipping
* Low price
* Very comfortable to wear
* Easy to draw from, and to reholster

What's not to like?!?!

Good luck!

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