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Apex Gunsmith Fit Universal Trigger - $9.95

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Sweet! At $9.95 that is an absolute STEAL for a trigger than only requires machining to drop right into your pistol!

As my kids would say, #gamechanger.
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Oh I get it - this was posted on April 1st so it must be a April Fool's joke. ;)

Hence the following from the Apex Blog:

Expected Results
– Reduces trigger pull by approximately as much as you’d like it to
– Smooth uptake and reset, assuming you do it right
– Reduces pre-travel, over-travel and reset (same assumption as above)

Applicable To What Gun(s)
Works with nearly all pistols, in any caliber, with factory interchangeable triggers.
Does NOT work in Bryco, Hi-Point, Jennings, Lorcin, Raven, Star or similar handguns (because, well, Apex).

Features & Specifications
– It’s a pretty shade of Red
– Block expertly tumbled prior to anodizing to provide that smooth-to-the-touch feel
– Requires extensive machining, so grab that Dremel Tool and have at it

In The Package
1 ea. Red Anodized Gunsmith Fit Universal Trigger (in block form)
(That trigger in the photo? Yeah, that’s not included but good try.)

Installation Resources
There are none. So, good luck with that.

Hello, McFly, this is not an actual trigger and will not work. However, it is actually available for purchase at for just $9.95.
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