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Anyone have one-Springfield Armory M6 Scout??

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I was gifted a Springfield Armory M6 Scout in 22LR/.410 last week and I am looking for others who may have them. My main question is-does the rear sight flop back and forth with ease or does it snap back and forth? Mine is really limp and when shooting the .410 barrel I have to reset the rear sight each time. I figure that I might want to knock the rear sight off and replace the spring that is under the detent ball.

Also-is it just an extractor and not an ejector for the spent casing and hull? Big fingers kind make it hard to pull out 22 casings.

I have to admit that I have wanted one for years but couldn't see the prices they get for them these days. I truly love the little rifle/shotgun combo and it will be living in my vehicle as a utility gun when working in the back country of the gun club.
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Thompson415, I once was interested in them, as you stated, the price seemed a little high. I had a chance early in my military service to see an original. While it is a simple design, the military model appeared a little more robust, than the Springfield Armory unit, but then again it was years between handling each.
As a gift, you are a lucky man, do what you need to tighten the sight up, otherwise it's useless. I questioned what kind of "trigger pull" you would have with it, given the "trigger". Unfortunately, I never fired either the original GI version, or the SA version.

I actually entertained getting the Savage Model 24, as it would have a more standard style trigger, and is available with a few more combinations, than just .22LR/.410 Gauge...

I don't know what you have roaming around in the back country of your gun club, but if it slithers, a good revolver with CCI Shot shells could easily be within reach on your hip, and if the nemesis walks on 2 or 4 legs a good hollow point should be able to take care of any business... leaving your hands free for other tasks.

Never the less, enjoy your new acquisition!!!
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