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Anyone have leads on P320C mags?

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Trying to find P320C .357SIG/40 magazines before I cannot purchase in WA… average price I have found factory new is about $40… anyone found them cheaper?!?
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Osage had them for around that price a couple weeks ago. That is about the going price if you can find them.
Local shop here had some that had been traded in by a customer who traded in 3 P320s at the same time. Still in the boxes. They put them out for $29.95.

I know that does not really help you much. Sorry. Should have thought that through.....
It’s all good I just ordered a couple tonight at $40 a pop. It is what it is. I’ll track down my conversion parts later as mine is a 9mm
Try CDNN. Gun Broker might have used ones as well. You looking for 13 or 14 rounders ?
$40 seems to be a good deal for fsctory sig mags. Retail is $50

These aernt glocks afterall.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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