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Anybody carry Honey Badger for self defence?

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I've been carrying federal HST ,,would like some input on the Honey Badgers from Black Hills ammo
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Nope.. so many other options than that.

For those that don’t know this is it.
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Didn’t hear about them till now, but it looks like they’re using Leihigh bullets, why not consider Underwood ammo?
Edited now that looked at the catalog.
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They look pretty awesome, the .45 apc rounds are hauling butt , they’re expensive, looking like 2 + dollars a round for the 9mm ones
Underwood is the go to for that. Their prices don't even seem to be phased by the events of the last 800 days. Almost in line with the rest of the market of the top sd rounds at this point.
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From what I saw online this is an awesome gun. Very high quality.
The ATF is in love with this pistol that they keep calling it otherwise.
I'm a fan of Lehigh bullets. I've been loading them in all of my pistol calibers. I haven't tried them in any rifles yet but I convinced of their claims.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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