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Any options to SIG Pro Cut slide for 226 Mk 25 mounting Trijicon RMR

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We buy guns for lots of reasons. This particular situation is that I want to put as many rounds on target as fast as possible. I shoot my 226 mk 25 with trigger upgrade the best …better than Glock 19 gen 5 or Colt M45A1. And while the 226 mk 25 is great for the Seals…I doubt there are many 60 year old active duty seals. So I doubt I will be emerging from the surf onto a hostile beach very often. I’m not sure I am a fan of the cutouts on the Pro cut slide, but it is a SIG approved way to get an RMR on the mk 25. I understand that a stock mk 25 slide doesn’t have the necessary thickness for a MOS cut. My Glock 19 MOS with rmrcc allows me to acquire targets a bit better than a stock mk 25. I am thinking the mk 25 RMR combo will be even better.

Are there any other options I am overlooking ? Is there such a think as a 226 slide with MOS cut and no cutouts for an rmr?
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That’s what I did with my MK25. I liked the gun before, and I like it more now.
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