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I just received my Echo 1, thermal sight, for those that don't know. Anybody else have one? How do you like it?

My first impressions is, I don't know, lol. Usually when I get an optic I'm pretty quick to say, useless..... or, hell yeah, I can use this. This thing has me kind of stumped. It's for sure a true 1x, which gives it nice FOV starting at aBout 40 yds, which is wierd since Sig claims a 4 degree FOV?

Using it during the day as they claim? Na, like most thermals, it's just not sensitive enough to make the difference between sun on grass and bushes to animals. If you know the animals there, maybe..... like if he's hiding behind bushes but you know he's there.

I was worried about back lighting my face at night. In a dark room I checked, on lowest setting not that bad, but still there. Although my Flir Mate 240 is the same, shoots light out of the eye piece. And my little Leupold Tracker.... that literally is a flashlight!! (in fact I'm looking for a tinted light cover for it).

So does anybody here use one? Returned one? I'm thinking of going Pulsar, something about that picture in picure just turns me on!! I'm a big FOV guy, Im not confident enough to suck my eye sight onto a tunnel, lol. I even shoot scoped both eyes open.
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