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Any 407k x2 users?

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I’m looking for reviews on the 407. Everyone seems to use the 507, and there is not a lot of stores that even carry the 407. I can find some online retailers, and I’m considering ordering one. Any input on the 6 moa dot that the 407 uses, or is the 507 the way to do for CCW?
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I have a 407k on my carry P365X, and 507c’s on my G19 and G34 gen 5s. Previously had a 507k on a milled Glock 48.

I like the reticle selection of the 5xx for competition (though mostly I use the 2 MOA dot only). Ive tried the 32 MOA only but it’s not my preference, I find the circle dot too busy.

For Carry, I really like the 6 MOA dot. It’s large, but still precise enough to get rounds on target. And the bigger dot is easier to index on what might be the worst day of my life.
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You won't know until you try. I will tell you though I find 2 MOA pistol dots too small unless they're dedicated target pistols. I have the 507k and run the circle only lately. I sort of wish I got the 407k but hey it's on there mounted and zeroed so its not like I have a huge drive to change at this point.
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It seems most prefer the 6 moa for ccw and the smaller dots for competition and range fun.
407 vs 507 is dot or dot circle.
It's a bit more than that. It's 6moa dot vs 2moa dot or 32moa ring or 2moa dot + 32moa ring.

But yes, I switched from a 507k to a 407k for carry. 2moa is just slightly smaller than I like. I started shooting dots on a 3.25, and I think that's just about my ideal size, but unfortunately Holosun doesn't offer that.
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