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Another Trip To The Range With My P365XL Spectre Comp

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Shot another 50 rounds today using the Medium short DPM spring with the Large plug and had no malfunctions. Next trip I going to try the Short spring with the Larger plug to see if I feel a difference and if the gun cycles properly. No reason to believe it won't but it will be fun to check out. I'm also getting use to shooting a P365 again. Starting to get the hang of it but could do better. Practice makes perfect.

CCI Blazer 115 grain ammo at 7 yards.
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Have you tried backing it out to 20-25m yet?
The group looks good at 7yds. That gun and shooter are definitely ready for 20-25yds.
I normally don’t shoot my EDC’s at 25 yards but l’ll give it a try the next time I go to the range.
One of the reasons I shoot my EDCs at 25yds (10-15 if that's all a range accommodates) is because when I train drills at that distance, it translates into even faster application at closer distances. The practice really paid off when I took a couple of tactical pistol courses with my P365 where the targets were at 5yds. After shooting controlled pairs and transition drills on 10" plates at 25yds, 5yds was nothing.

Try dedicating a couple boxes of ammo to the drills you run at 7yds to the same targets at 25yds during a few range sessions in a row, and you'll be amazed at how it feels to execute them when you go back to the 7yd line again.

Based on your existing 7yd grouping, you're ready to take that plunge. Just be patient and endure the slower split times at 25yds, focusing on the best accuracy you can get with the fastest time. As you do so, you'll find a rhythm that will see controlled pair splits of less than a second with the pairs hitting inside of 10" of each other. As you continue, you'll see them get down to .75 seconds inside the same diameter.
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keeps your own self humble when you realize how easily that pistol remains deadly far further out than you've practiced.
Does it ever! If I lose access to a 25yd range for a while, the jump from 15yds to that distance when I do regain access really can put me in my place.
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