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I just dropped a Sig Armorer Super Strut and the included #20 mainspring into a new & unfired P229 Legion.

The small amount of crunch I felt at the initiation of DA pull is almost completely gone and pull is an ounce lighter. It’s presently breaking at 8 lbs even, according to my cheap RCBS spring gauge. (Previously it was maxing out the spring, which I guess is around 9 lbs).

I have a #19 mainspring around somewhere that I’ll play with at a later time.

The Legion trigger is good out of the box. Now it’s better. I’m a believer.
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From what I can tell, unless there's a different 'geometry' to the aftermarket struts, you could probably achieve much the same by polishing your stock one. Maybe the former has softer edges or something, but I also always kept a little grease on it.
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Keep in mind this isn't an apples to apples comparison but it's darn close.

P226 has well over 5k rounds with new spring about 2k rounds ago. The trigger bar contact surfaces are polished, Gray Guns dual adjustable flat trigger, Sig Armorer Super Strut with and 18# wolf spring.

The P229 is new, bought it less than a year ago. 800-1000 rounds through it. Armory Craft dual adjustable flat trigger, polished trigger bar, Armory Craft 19# main spring, polished OEM strut.

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OEM polished strut. Notice the spring deflection in either hammer position.
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OEM strut vs Gray Guns. The GG seat has a deeper pocket to accommodate the longer strut.
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P226 with SA Super Strut. Much less spring deflection.
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Side by Side of the GG in the P229 and the SA in the P226 hammers cocked.

Both feel incredibly smooth. The trigger pulls are not the same because that 18# spring in the 226 is noticeably lighter than the 19# in the 229.

I thought I would feel a bigger difference in the P229 but since I had a polished strut it wasn't as significant. I threw in my old P226 strut and tested it. You'll notice a much bigger difference going from and OEM virgin strut to one of these options.

Both are great. The GGs one come with a spring kit and a necessary aluminum seat. You can buy the SA one from Armory Craft with one of their spring kits for a bit cheaper.

Knocking down the high points and polishing the OEM strut will save you cash and get you close. I fully recommend both of the premium struts. Great double action pulls. Slightly lower pull weights, maybe 1/2 lb, obviously it differs with chosen spring weight. But either will give a nice perfect DA pull.

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@Abominator does the Super Strut change the double action pull enough to warrant the upgrade?
@Abominator also do any other changes need to be done?
Honestly it's hard for me to answer if it's enough to warrant the price. It's not a massive OMG this is a game changer. It is a refined part for those seeking every little improvement to the intricacies of these pistols.

I think they are worth it but I'm a guy who loves getting into the minutia of things. They are not necessary, just nice.

If you don't have the E2 strut the GG kit has all you need. If you want the SA strut you'll need a mainspring seat. SA sells a metal billet one but any plastic OEM E2 seat should work.

It's not necessary to change the springs but most do for a lightened trigger pull. It all depends on what you want, intended use, and confidence in the set up.
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