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Another SSG 3000

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I have an opportunity to pick up another SSG 3000 with a Nightforce 5.5-27x56 for about $2200. I have looked at it and it is in great shape with what appears to be very low round count. I know an SSG is hard to find anymore and wanted to get the groups thoughts if this is an ok deal. The Nightforce scopes I see are about $2000 for what the Sig has on it. Thanks
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It only has 1 mag. I have 4 with my other SSG, and benchmark barrels had them for sale last year. Benchmark has drop in 6.5 barrels for the SSG so that is another reason I was thinking of picking it up. Then I would have the same set up in a 308 and a 6.5. I have the Savage LRP in 6.5 and there is a big difference in shooting each of them.
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