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Another new P227 Tactical

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While on vacation I stopped in a LGS. I had called looking for a P227 Tacops. The guy said he had one left in stock. I drove across town and stopped in. I searched the display case but did not see this P227 Tacops. I asked the salesman and he grabs a P227 Tactical. After exchanging a few words and saying this is not the Tactical he apologized for the misinformation.

My goal was to get a Tacops and buy a threaded barrel and raised sights (lots of money for this quest). I like the bizarre extended grips and the elite frame (I've got giant hands). As I held this Tactical in my hands it began to speak. It said "BUY ME! BUY ME NOW!" and I then remembered that no one in my city stocked either the Tactical or Tacops.

I told the salesman it really wasn't what I wanted. We then began to deal. I ended up with the price of $954 (strange number I know). When I got home I decided to clean and oil it along with my USP Tactical and AAC TiRant. I notcied that I blew the green o-ring out on my HK so I said this is a sign. I replaced the o-ring and put the HK back in the safe with the piston adapter. I took out the default piston from AAC and right now the can is on my new P227. I'm happy and now I need to go shooting.

Anyone here own a Sig Foxtrot1 light? I'd like to get a light that won't crunch/scrape/mar my rails. Looks like the Inforce light is black this time instead of gray. I'm waiting to see more pics or see it in person.
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Yeah I like it a lot. I need to order a few 14 round magazines and g10 grips (and screws and bushings). I would've liked to have the elite frame but I need to remember that a standard Sig frame is still a great frame (I've been spoiled).
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