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Already thinking about another...

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Just bought my first sig a couple of weeks ago... Got it about a week ago

( Sig P 226 alloy)

Shot it twice..200 rounds each time...

Going out again tomorrow.

Really want to get my wife to try shooting ( she is not excited about it... But I want her to know how to "just in case" she needs it)

My 226 has fairly wide grips which I love ( did I say love???? Can I say it again?)

But..I think they may be too wide and too big for her.... She may not them...

.. Thinking of a 229 so she can get comfortable.

Unfortunately you cannot rent guns in Illinois without a foid and she's not quite there yet..

So... Buying is my " only option". He he...

See how the " logic " works???

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I always start planning my next purchase on my way home from my latest acquisition.
Never too early to start planning. Including the wife is a smooth move. I used the same trick years ago. She loves to shoot and it's cost me a small fortune to keep her in ammo. But, she understands my love and obsession for nice guns.

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Argh.. I know..!!

My wife said " great.. Another hobby" ...I assured her it wasn't...

But I said that about basses as well...I was " limited " to 3.... Well I now have 14

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It shouldn't be a should be a way of life! ;)

Look into the E2 grips. They're somewhat smaller and you can get them on both the P226 and P229.
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As a couple of others have chimed in, and mentioned both the newer P225A1, older P225, or P239, in 9mm. Smaller single column grip size, or as brought up by SlySleuth, the installation of E2 grips on a 226/229 for smaller circumference.

I realize your pain in exposing your better half to the joys of shooting, in your present location. How far are you from one of the surrounding "free" states? Just because you cannot purchase a handgun from a neighboring state, I don't think it precludes you from trying out a few at rental ranges, AFAIK.

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G.A.S. has multiple levels of severity.

I suffer greatly from Gun Acquisition Syndrome & Guitar Acquisition Syndrome.
G.A.S. has wreaked havoc on my bank accounts, and everything I've read says there is no known cure.

You can only subside the symptoms by feeding the syndrome.

Good luck!
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