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Adapter plate for 320 VTac (2022)

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I just bought the Sig-Sauer P320XF-9-VTAC-R2 and I love it (2 pics joint by) and I have a HS407C X2-series.

Automotive tire Bumper Vehicle Carbon Gadget

Trigger Air gun Camera accessory Gesture Gadget

The information on the web about a fitting plate is quite confusing ...
Any clue? I have the impression it doesn’t exist (yet?)
Thanks for your answer!
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whats the hole pattern under the plate? just the 2 holes or are there 4? I have the same slide but mine only had 2 holes I had to send it to have holes added and use a C&H plate for a holosun 507.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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