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A while back I used my (then standard) P365 at an Outlaw match. It was my official off-duty carry at the time so I had already qualified with it on the State mandated qualification course. I wanted to take it a step further by using it in this particular competition as the distances were longer than on the State course. I was very pleased with the results and very impressed with the capabilities of this little pistol.

Last year I converted it to an 'X' by changing out the grip module and FCU (so that it would have a flat-faced trigger like my XL which I quite like).

I took it and a Glock 34 that I picked up a while back to the range this week to vet. I was pleased with both, although the G34 was shooting slightly left. One ragged hole, just slightly left of POA. Could have been the night sights I installed although they look spot on. Could be the ammo I was using (WWB). Could have just been me. But using the same ammo the P365'X' was spot on center. I'll have to try the G34 again with a different ammo and run it in a match but I was re-impressed with the P365'X' on how accurate it was and how pleasant it was to shoot.

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Its quite the little bulldog of a gun in my opinion. I thought I was changing my EDC back to a Glock but my P365X brought me right back to Sig.
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