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My P226 Legion was getting lonely, so a sister was born. It was meant to be because she came into this world with a tattoo, compliments of the USN. :D

I thought it was only fitting to shoot these together and see if I could figure out the differences, however slight (other than the obvious finish and grips). As you'll see on my targets, I'm not experienced and have a lot of work to do. I've only had these a few weeks and shot them a couple of times. I just thought ya'll would like to see some pics. They look beautiful together!

If you have any experience with these, please let me know what you think of each and how they compare. I'm trying to learn.

I don't want to try and draw any conclusions until I've spent more time with them and practiced more, but the only thing I can really say right now is I really like the trigger on the MK-25. It's super smooth on the double-action pull and the single-action has no creep that I can feel, where there is on the Legion. I know the MK-25 doesn't have the SRT kit installed from the factory. But the Legion does seem to shoot tighter groups for me and feels great too. I know both of these pistols far exceed my capabilities, so don't read too much into this. Like I said, I'm trying to learn from folks that know better. I'm going to work on that first double-action shot. :eek:

I shot 5 rounds for each group from 10 yds, slow-fire, alternating between pistols. Ammo was 9mm 115 grain FMJ Winchester white box.

What do you think of the mags that come with the MK-25? I noticed they're made in the USA so maybe they're not MecGar? Any issues with these?

By the way, I've had zero malfunctions. They've both run great.










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Nice Job, nice acquisition, good shooting... what more can a man ask for...
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