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I saw a 938 with the Viridian laser, and the holster that activates and deactivates it, for $629 at the LGS last night. I thought that was a good price. The trigger felt like the edge was a rather sharp corner, and might be uncomfortable to shoot much. The trigger pull also felt much heavier than 7.5lbs.

I don't see the viridain option on SIG's website, which leads me to ask is this an older model, and perhaps been on the shelf awhile due to the trigger, which has resulted in markdowns? I'm not a fan of lasers, but I am not adverse to having it there and turn it on if needed, although I am more partial to the TLR6 and have laser and light.

Bottom line this seems like a great price, and I'm sure I could get the trigger switched out to be comfortable. Should I consider this gun? Or is there something I don't know, like it's old stock and those had big issues, or something?
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