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716 DMR Gen 1 Questions

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Hello all, first post and I am glad to be on the Sig forum.
I purchased the DMR gen 1 right before the gen 2's came out, which was bad research on my part but I still have a 716, so I'll live;).

I love my 716, a piston driven machine that has performed flawlessly. My original reason for purchase was dropping multiple hogs at one sitting, and if I am in a comfortable shooting position the bacon does not have a chance.

I love my DMR's accuracy and reliability, but its just too dang heavy. My question is does anyone have suggestions or previous experience shedding a few lbs off my DMR? I continuously search for a lighter quad rail but cannot find any for a DMR Gen 1.

I will post pictures if y'all would like to see.
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Thanks guys, atleast the weight takes the recoil out a

I have considered machining the quad rail out a little, but I sure wouldn't want to mess anything up. I've never attempted to take the rail off, would it be more that just a few hex key screws?

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I'd stay away from cutting the stock rail, just so you didn't hurt the value of the gun, in case you ever wanted to sell it. I've never looked at how the 716's fore end attaches, but if it's like the 516's, it is pretty simple to remove.

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Seriously it is a great gun. I have one and love it but it is quite heavy. I only hunt with mine when I won't have to walk too far (same for my Lapua).

I would not "chop mine up". I did get a good sling that helps somewhat. We're getting ready to go on our annual pig hunt. A 28 year old Army captain will be carrying my 716 and I a 45-70.

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If you compare the Patrol to the DMR, the weight related main differences are:

DMR has
- thicker barrel
- longer Barrel
- longer handguard
- Magpul PRS instead of SIG/MOE/depends on version.

Now looking at the tech specs, the weight difference between the two is two pounds (patrol 9.2, dmr 11.2). Equals 32oz.

Magpul PRS = 27.8 oz
Magpul CTR = 8.8 oz

So 19 out of 32oz could be saved by just deciding whether or not you need the fully adjustable stock. Would affect weight - and balance of course. More nose heavy.

Let´s look at the remaining 13oz:
I don´t have access to hard data, but would assume that the difference due to a) barrel length and diameter vs. b) longer handguard is at least a 50-50 split between the two. So as you are unlikely to change the barrel, that leaves you with an estimated 6.5oz difference for the handguard. I´d say having a full or empty magazine easily eats that up, I wouldn´t bother.

However, for grip comfort, you may decide to get rif of the quadrail and get something smoother. I for myself like the quad design, as it gives really good grip even when wet, sweaty, muddy, you get the idea.
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