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365 slide , barrel swap.

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Just bought a Sig P365X with the shorter 3.1 barrel and slide. Haven't fired it yet but now I'm having buyers remorse. Does anyone know of any place that would take a trade for the P365XL slide and barrel ? Even a couple of bucks on my end if it would make the deal a little easier...
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Since it's unfired, maybe the place you bought it from would do a trade for an XL for a reasonable fee?
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Check the SigTalk classifieds; slide assemblies show up there fairly regularly.

I found an XL assembly for my standard P365 on eBay for about $300 shipped and I love it.

I could probably sell the short setup for at least that much but I like having both, even though I prefer the way the longer one points and shoots.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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