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So I'm always had this itch I just can't scratch. From time to time I show up to a pistol match and enter but work keeps me from being regular.
When the 320 x5 broke at the shot show (thanks YouTube) I was on the phone with my gun guy for the order. I am still waiting. His distrbriters are out.

I have shot a Wilson combat 92 G and liked it so last month I ordered on because I am getting tired of waiting. I am waiting.

Friday I got tired of waiting and said get me a CZ shadow 2. Apparently there is a wait on that one also. Good grief

I have a feeling I know how I am going to feel about the 320 because I naturally go toward a hammer gun but I want to try it out for size

Problem here is being on here. A while back a thread was going and people got to talking about comparing the 226 legion to wc92 and CZ shadow. I guess I thought I better do my own test.

FYI if this stuff comes in and you don't hear from me again the jury should probably convict my wife. 100% chance she took me out mob style. Lol.
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