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320 Manual Safety

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Hi, can you add a manual safety to any P320? Or do you have to buy a whole new FCU? If you are able to, what is the process? Thanks
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I think it's easier to buy the new FCU, plus it give you reason to build a new 320!

there are a few shops that will mill out your FCU to accept the manual safety parts.
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I'm in the process of converting my non-manual safety to a manual safety, so I've researched this. A notch has to be cut in the FCU for the manual safety lever and notches have to be cut on both sides of the grip module to accommodate the safety levers. Once those notches are cut, you can buy the parts and do the installation yourself (if you want). There are 4 parts you'll need: right and left safety lever, spring, and spring detent. You might need a new trigger bar as well, depending on whether you have the original style trigger bar.

AB Prototype offers the service of cutting the notches in the FCU and the grip modules. Check out their web site, they have pictures, etc. that cover everything you'll need to consider. If you're buying new, then I agree better (and cheaper) to just get manual safety p320. Also, occasionally sells manual safety FCU's - my understanding is they take them out of new guns, but it is not something they stock consistently. If you're not in a hurry, you can just keep an eye out and wait until they have some. Good luck.
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It can be done... but not as easily as on the 365.

Like SMT said, it has to be drilled out and then parts added/swapped. There might be other places that do it, but AB Prototype is the only place I'm aware of.

Also, just "buy a whole new FCU" won't necessarily fix your problem, as a CW FCU would need to have the same done. You would have to find an M17/M18 FCU or one of the state restricted ones that came form SIG with a MS on them.
Buy an m17 or m18. If you want a safety in a different configuration you can swap the FCU into whatever other grip and slide you want.
buy an fcu with safety and sell yours, might be cheaper also
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