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.22LR Old Stock

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A friend's father died two years ago. As a resident of MA, she decided that she did not want his stash of ammo and asked me if I wanted to buy it. Since most popular calibers were made of unobtanium at the time, I said yes to the calibers I shoot and offered to pay the cheapest current rate I could find. Today she dropped off over 7500 rounds of .22LR, most in 500 round boxes. Two boxes has KMart tags priced at $6.47 each ($.013/round). The cheapest I have found is $.051/round. Better return for her than stocks and bonds!
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I have >110K rounds of .22 and most are priced at $9.97 for a 525(?)rd bulk pack. I was fortunate when the poop hit the fan.

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