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229 R Safariland 6378 Duty/UC holster. GONE!.

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This is a ideal Duty/PC holster for those with the 229 R SIG. Fits any 9MM/.40 / .357 229 R with standard barrel. Nicely covers weapon, and has a Clip on belt attachment as well as 2 Belt Conversion kits. (Allos you to use as a Belt Holster. )

High Ride, forward slant, Black Open top design, with a Thumb release that engages the top of the slide where the barrel comes in contact. You have to use the right thumb to release. Kyodex Hard Shell, but fully lined so it does not mar the finish of the weapon. (Like you can mar the finish of a Nitron 229 easily).

You pay $16 postage to anywhere in the United States. Will add photos later tomorrow.
Very good holster for Duty, or silly range games. This one just works. Don't need it any more.
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Need your address. Send it PM.
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Already gone.
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