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2004 Ed Brown Kobra.....any info

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Hey Guys I know this is no Sig Sauer but does anyone have any info on this.......

2004 Ed
Wood Art Fictional character Barechested Visual arts
Hand Wood Camera accessory Finger Cameras & optics
Air gun Wood Trigger Bumper Table
Product Luggage and bags Trigger Bag Gadget
Brown Kobra
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One of Mr Brown’s fine custom 1911’s. A search of GB will give you an idea of worth.
It’s an old 1911, not the best ever made, for €250 i’ll take the old rattler out of your hands.
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its a 2010
Since when did you become interested in 1911’s ?
Type of checkering on front strap and slide is called Snakeskin hence the Kobra name. Until you hold it you can’t appreciate how good that feels in your hand. I had a Commander version that was stainless and called the Kobra Carry model. Standard production gun. Good shape. Looks new. Came in a soft case with two mags and manual, not much else.
Value would be around $2000~
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