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1982 P-220 Information about this

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Hello Everyone!

I am interested in the 1982 P-220 that is for sale locally by me. Does anyone have any more information about older Sig P-220's.
I was born in 1985 and this dates back to around the time of my birth..thought it was cool!

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Development of the SIG P220, aka the Swiss P75 Army Pistol – Forgotten Weapons

SIG Sauer P220 - Wikipedia

Do a Search, there are plenty of threads here in addition to the 2 references above.

That's not original, has Hogue Grips and apparently Grip Screws as well, depending on actual caliber, extra Magazines can be expensive. They used non-rebounding Hammers in the P220s until 1994/1995 time frame.
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I am a "snob" & a$$h0lə. The W.German / German are the only ones I will trust with my life. I generally carry a a German P228. The early P220 9mm with the European mag release are my favorites.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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