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Replaced my original three hole trigger with a new Sig two hole. New trigger has less play up and down and its much smoother. Have the original version of the 1911 Ultra without the ejection notch and a three hole trigger. Original trigger was very rough and had way too much play.

Forgot to swap out the set screw from the old to new - new didn't include one in the bag. First tried to put it in with the trigger on the gun. Screwed into only a few threads then hard stopped. Disassembled then tried again - over torqued it and the screw stuck and won't budge

I though the set screw is 6X32. Can't get it out and the allen socket is now pretty must stripped - it will be a mess to drill it out and not worth it.

Should have chased it with a tap BUT shouldn't it have worked from the beginning?

The old screw was 6X32 - tried a new one and it works perfectly - am I correct in the size?
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