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1911 Tacops 10mm used prices

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I think I need rehab for my Signess....
whats the used value on 2019 Tacops in 10mm????? it seems to be in excellent shape low round count with a holster!

semper fidelis
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Don't know. I haven't looked at prices in a while. I hope SIG makes more P220s and 1911s in the Centimeter caliber.

I took mine to the range two weekends ago for a little exercise. It sure shoots nice. Top TACOPS is my 10mm, bottom TACOPS is in .45ACP.
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in the Centimeter caliber.
I have never heard anyone refer to 10mm as "centimeter". I am stealing that and claiming that I came up with it! "Here is my sig 220 1cm"
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These days, the price is whatever people are willing to pay. I had a Tacops in 10mm, and I think I paid around $1k for it new. I don't think they've really increased in value, but there's always going to be "that guy" who absolutely obsesses over one and is willing to pay a ridiculous price for it. If it's in good shape with a low round count, I'd think $700-800 would be a decent price.

I would pay partticular attention to any signs of frame rub.
I sold my locally last year for $1300 that included 6 magazines, case, manual, etc. In other words, packaged as new.
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