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So three weeks ago when I joined here I had ordered a M18 from Cabela's, I really wanted an M17 but the M18 became available so I picked it up.

With all the shooting going on and talk of gun control in congress I figured I should pick up some more mags while I can. Had to go to the post office anyways so I swung by Cabelas, they had plenty of 17 round P320 mags in stock so I grabbed a couple, then swung by the gun counter and what do I see sitting there, an M18. I tell the salesman I'll take it and we start doing the paperwork and he mentions that they also have one without the safety. I figure if I'm going to **** the wife off buying a gun, and have to pay $2 for a background check, I might as well buy two of them.

The M18 came with two 21 round mags and one 17 round mag, the two M17's each only came with one 21 and one 17 with a coupon for another 21 rounder. I've already ordered the two free 21 round mags.

Here is the family photo.

221 - 224 of 224 Posts